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  • HONEST RAW HONEY MAINTAINS: Natural enzymes, pollens, amino acids, propolis, vitamins, minerals, texture, flavor, and color.
  • HONEST RAW HONEY DOES NOT CONTAIN: Antibiotics, chemicals, additives, herbicides, pesticides, imported honey, and everything else that shouldn't be in your food.
  • HONEST RAW HONEY IS UNALTERED: Not cooked, pasteurized, filtered, or added to.
  • HONEST RAW HONEY IS RESPONSIBLE: Produced completely in the United States, we own our hives and ensure the responsible and sustainable production of our eco-friendly honey from hive to bottle. Certified Kosher.


Honest Raw Honey is simply delicious because it contains only pure, raw honey from our own American hives. We ensure our honey is free of chemicals, antibiotics, and everything else you don’t want in your food. Completely uncooked and unfiltered, it contains all natural goodness such as enzymes, amino acids, and pollen to make it a true health honey. 

Unlike many best-selling raw honey products, we can ensure the integrity of our raw honey because we own our hives, and do not import. Our honey is produced exclusively in the United States. The texture is creamy, but naturally fluctuates based on temperature. Cooler temperatures will help the honey solidify, while warmer ones will cause it to liquefy a bit more. Creamy, truly raw honey often will have bits of wax, propolis, and honey foam visible at the top and throughout the jar. A bit of separation is completely natural, so simply stir and enjoy! 

Truly a whole food, Honest Raw Honey is a deliciously responsible addition to your pantry.

Certified Kosher.

Honest Raw Honey, 22oz

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