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Our spreadable Cinnamon Creamed Honey is by far our best seller! It contains nothing but all natural honey and the finest, most nutritious brown cinnamon on the market. If you can picture a warm buttery cinnamon roll, then you can picture our creamed honey, except it is naturally 100% fat free!

  • Mix with nuts and eat it right out of the jar
  • Warm and drizzle on vanilla ice cream and whipped cream for a warm healthy cinnamon honey glaze
  • Slather on warm buttery biscuits, toast and waffles
  • Glaze on steak and chicken for a pure and sweet cinnamon glaze
  • Mix in tea or coffee as a healthy sweetener

The consistency of our creamed honey is spreadable much like a peanut butter, but does depend upon temperature. Creamed and whipped honey does not need refrigeration, but can be placed in a refrigerator if you desire a firmer product. To soften, place in a warm location such as a sunny window.

Don't forget to check out the countless health benefits of honey and cinnamon!

Raw Honey + Cinnamon

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