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©2019 by Desert Creek Honey

Enjoy our sweet honey mixed with delicious red strawberries! A long time favorite, this pink spread has pieces of fresh strawberry still in it!

  • Spread on anything as a fat free jam or jelly
  • Enjoy as delicous chocolate or vanilla ice cream topping
  • Warm and use as a healthy cookie or cake glaze
  • Mix with hot tea to make strawberry and honey flavored tea
  • Mix with creamed cheese for a yummy bagel or toast spread

The consistency of our creamed honey is spreadable much like a peanut butter, but does depend upon temperature. Creamed and whipped honey does not need refrigeration, but can be placed in a refrigerator if you desire a firmer product. To soften, place in a warm location such as a sunny window.

Raw Honey + Strawberries